Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Done and DONE with your gum?

No, I'm not going to tell you to stop chewing gum! I would have an extremely hard time with this, as we all know I constantly chew gum when I dance. I just wanted to remind you that it's also important to know what's in your gum. Most gum is artificially sweetened...sugarless right?

Kudos to you if you have dropped the artificial sweeteners...this is huge! Be sure to check what your gum is sweetened with, if it's artificial, find one that isn't. Two of my favorties are Peelu and Spry, both sweentened with Xylitol. Xylitol is slowly absorbed and has a very mimimal impact on insulin levels. It has been the sweetener of choice in Europe for diabetics since 1960. It also keeps a neutral ph level in your mouth actually preventing tooth decay. Check it out Locally you can find Peelu and Spry Gum at Sprouts or Whole Foods.

See you in class tonight! And I will be be chewing my Spry gum ;)

Monday, July 25, 2011

She is on FIRE!

Did I see some Dancer Sculpt ab moves? Haha! Does she look amazing or what!

Friday, July 22, 2011

July news...

After a few weeks off from teaching for a trip to NY, we were back in the studio this week and just wrapped the first week of camp. It feels great to be back and I must say I have an intense group in class. Amazing job on the dancing and the muscle work ladies, we'll be igniting the room again next week!

Don't forget to take your measurements and track your progress.

And if you missed Cardio Dancer Sculpt last week, I will be teaching another class on July 31st 7:00-8:30 PM.

Also, contact me if you need your personalized at home workout updated for August. Personalized workouts are 20 specific workouts you can do at home for the month, in case you don't like waking up at 5am ;)

Add this to your weekend dance mix! Love the song but definitely team JLO over here! Keep ROCKIN it out chickees!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

She's a cutie

catchy little tune...

Colette Carr
We Do It (Primo)

July Classes

-*CARDIO* DANCER SCULPT - Sunday July 17th
7:00-8:30 PM at Ocotillo Dance Center

Come DANCE off all of your weekend goodies!
This class will be a cardio based class. You will learn new choreography, music video choreography and camp choreography. Get ready to rock it out for 90 minutes!

-Dancer Sculpt - Thursday, July 21st
7:30-8:30 PM at Ocotillo Dance Center

-Dancer Sculpt 2 Week Intensive Camp
July 18th -29th
5:30-6:45 AM Mon-Fri

Friday, June 24, 2011

I'll make you a bet....

that this song tops the charts in the next few weeks! Keep the hits coming Mr. Levine! Love this one!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


*CARDIO* DANCER SCULPT - Sunday June 26th
7:00-8:30 PM at Ocotillo Dance Center

Come DANCE off all of your weekend goodies!

This class will be a cardio based class. You will learn new choreography, music video choreography and camp choreography. Get ready to rock it out for 90 minutes!

See you in class!

$15 per class or
prepay $50 for 4 classes

Sunday, June 5, 2011

June Classes and Deals!!!

Dancer Sculpt Master Class Sunday, June 12th 6-8:30pm
Bring a friend and you both get $10 off

Dancer Sculpt Intensive Camp JUNE 13th-JUNE 24th
Monday-Friday 5:30-6:45 AM


Get ready to ROCK IT OUT ladies! It's going to get intense! See you in class :)

Friday, May 27, 2011


We just wrapped our 2 week Dancer Sculpt Intensive Camp! Ladies, once again, you ROCKED IT! And I'm sure we are all looking forward to sleeping in past 5:00 AM tomorrow. Enjoy the week off from camp, you more than earned it!

Join the Dancer Sculpt page on Facebook and stay tuned for the June camp dates. And the best part, you get 2 weeks for the price of 1! This next camp is part of "summer series" which just means it gets pretty hot in there! We take it up a level. Hope to see you there! Have a great holiday weekend!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011






Another of my amazing students sent me some of her progress pics today and I am excited to share them with you! Mindy has lost 28-30 pounds since she decided to switch up her fitness training and do the Dancer Sculpt camps. With the nutritional changes, specific cardio and feminine muscle moves...this hot mom of twins (yes twins and yes she is old enough ) has made some amazing changes to her body! She ROCKS it out in class every week! Mindy, big congrats on your weight loss, transformation and all of your positive changes! I am thrilled for you!

And I got this sweet note from Mindy :) You made my day girl!!!

"I can't say enough about the uniqueness of Paulina’s Dancer Sculpt workout. After having twins I was determined to get my pre-pregnancy body back, I hired a personal trainer and hit the gym hard. Two years later I still did not see the results I was wanting. I was still “thick” as I would call it and not the long and lean I used to be prior to having kids. When I tried Dancer Sculpt back in August 2010, I instantly fell in love with the workout. One, because it is fun, the music is pumping and I just love Paulina’s energy and excitement in class. Two, I instantly started seeing results after a few classes. Lastly, I just whole heartedly agree with her philosophy on making our bodies long and lean without bulking up, by doing a combination of dance cardio, muscle work and ab work. I feel like Paulina really understands what I want to accomplish each class. Paulina is amazingly supportive and genuinely wants you to reach your goals. We are now in May of 2011 and I have officially lost 28-30 pounds! Thank you so much Paulina!!!!!!!"

Friday, May 13, 2011

Dancer Sculpt Ab Intensive Camp Starts Monday!

Camp starts Monday at 5:30 AM! One week of workouts designed to transform your abs. This is the most EFFECTIVE way to work them. You will lose inches and tighten up your skin using specific exercises and cardio. Weak abs, loose skin, recently had a baby or even if it's been years.....results guaranteed. See you in class!

Song of the day!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Since I've been a little behind on posts...

Here's another song to add to your dance playlist! We just finished 2 weeks of camp, so we are off this week. See you back in the studio next Monday! Keep on dancing!

I am loving this song!!!

Ok I am starting to really like her

Nicki Minaj!

Song of the day

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

Choosing a goal and sticking to it...changes everything.

We just wrapped up week 1 of camp and have one more week to go! The ladies are ROCKIN it out, as usual. I've been told my combinations are getting Crazy AND Confusing..hahaha! But I have to say everyone is getting it down and really working hard. Looking forward to hearing everyone's results next week. Also, I have lots of fun stuff to post next week, recipes and success stories...coming once we wrap up camp! Camp ladies, don't forget to get one workout in this weekend! See you Monday!

A few more quotes to add to the list:

"Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can." Lowell Thomas

“Little by little one walks far”

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals." - Zig Ziglar

91 million views!!!

13 year old Rebecca Black...have you heard the story? Fun fun fun fun fun!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Video shoot today!

If you're in or near Toronto, you don't want to miss this! And if you haven't yet checked out Shannon MUST! My absolute favorite song by Shannon is "Haunted."

Shannon Micol - No More Cinderella

RSVP to be an EXTRA for Shannon's music video and be entered to win one of several door prizes at the video shoot. Come enjoy the music and be part of the video! FREE ADMISSION!

with special guest DJ Filthy Gorgeous
April 7, 2011 at 9pm
Great Hall 1087 Queen Street West, Toronto

Sunday, April 3, 2011

She's BACK...Nuff Said.

Song of the day

LOOK How Far We've Come

I wanted to share this with you ladies because I think we really inspire each other. I got this note from one of my students a few days ago and I think it made my week. No, it DID make my week. She ROCKS it out in class every week and even knows my choreography better than I do :) I am so proud of you J! Congrats on your weight loss, transformation and all of your positive changes!!!
Current - Lost 72lbs


"I just sent you a link to Costco photos and they are the pics of me from when I started working out with you until January 1, 2011. Sorry they aren't dated but you can tell the early ones vs recent. Total side note....Started working out with you May 2010. At that point I weighed TOO MUCH!!! Since working out with you I have lost over 70 pounds (72 actually). I have lost 11 inches in my hips, 5 in my waist and 4 in my chest. I am now 15 pounds away from my goal weight or two inches from my hips (whichever I can get to first). You have provided me so much motivation and I love doing your classes, they are so much fun so it really isn't work at all to do. I have so much more energy since losing all that weight and I am completely able to keep up with my kiddo in activities. Also, I have NEVER been a runner and I find myself jogging a bit more and more when doing stuff because I am just physically able to now. You truly are such an inspiration to me and I can't thank you enough for helping me regain control over my body and get me to a point where I am content with my body (mostly - ha ha)." Talk with you soon.... J

Thursday, March 31, 2011

NOW is a good time to PULL THE TRIGGER

So when I talk about a trigger...I am talking about YOUR trigger. What is the one thing that if you eliminated would really help you achieve your goal? Let's be very honest here. Sit down for a moment and think about it. It could be a certain food that you buy. You have it in your fridge and you know as soon as you eat it, it's all downhill from there. It sets you off. Now I am not saying you have to stay on track all the time...THAT is pretty much impossible. I am referring to the things that really set you off, that you feel you can't control very well. It doesn't necessarily have to be food, it could be certain situations or people that bring out the not so great in you. It's important to be honest with yourself and make the decision to PULL THE TRIGGER.

I'll give you an example. For me, my trigger (well one of them) happens to be ice cream. If I buy a pint and put it in my freezer, I eat in one matter if it's lowfat, full fat or whatever. It is very hard for me to stop eating it. I used to buy it ALL the time even when I realized it was my trigger. I would tell myself that I would just have a little bit for a treat a few nights a week. Ok, heck to the no! This never happened for me, I ate it EVERY time. And then I would just look for something else to eat. So I stopped buying pints. I still eat individual servings and ice cream when I'm out but I don't keep it in the house because I feel like the ice cream pint seems to always win...haha!

So that's just a very basic example. It could be eating in the car, snacking in front of the tv, greasy food and like I said it could also be a situation or even a person that you spend time with. The truth is we KNOW what are triggers are, the hard part is making the decision to PULL them, get rid of know be done and done. I had to throw that in ;)

So as we get ready to start another intensive camp on Monday, I would like for you ladies to think about YOUR trigger and try to eliminate it for the next 2 weeks. The best time to start is right now.

Bottoms Up!

Song of the day

Trey Songz - Bottoms Up ft. Nicki Minaj

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Do something's WEDNESDAY!

I promised to share a drink that you would love. If you don't love it right away, maybe you will love it after you read what this powerhouse drink does for your body.

Carrot, Apple, Beet, Kale and Ginger Juice

*Aids in digestion

*Regulates blood sugar


*Builds red blood cells

*Powerful antioxidant

*Promotes healthy skin

*Improves eyesight

*Lowers blood cholesterol

*Reduces risk of cancer and heart disease

*Kale’s calcium is easily absorbed by the body and is a power food for bone loss

Packed with: Beta carotene, Vitamin B complex , Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, sulphur, copper, phosphorus, chlorophyll.

Is this an AMAZING drink or what! It is total powerhouse drink. Many of us don't eat this amount of veggies in one day. Does anyone eat 8 carrots in one day? How about 1 beet? I can't say enough good things about juicing. Look at all the things you get from one drink. So get a little crazy on a Wednesday...throw some veggies in the juicer or swing by a Whole Foods or your local juice bar and try some fresh juice. And if you have kiddos, start these healthy habits when they are young. We get some fun straws and make sure to drink our juice every day :)


Song of the day

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I might get a few dirty looks for this one but DONE AND DONE

Energy Drinks.....where do I begin? Hmmm.........................................................Let me say DONE AND DONE with them. I'm not even going to mention any names here. But you know the drinks that I am talking about...they promise more energy and are full of caffeine, chemicals, sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Basically, there are short and long term consequences of these drinks that aren't fully understood and the ingredients are not regulated. What what what!!!Would you give them to your kids? No? Do you really understand what's in them and all the ingredients? Not really? Do you NEED to drink them because they give you energy? You just can't stay awake or function without them?

Here's my suggestion. Try to get enough sleep, eat balanced meals, HYDRATE, and workout. If you can't stay awake without caffeine, sugar and chemicals, then you need to take a look at the four things I mentioned and see what's out of balance. We all functioned without them before, right?

There are plenty of things you can drink that are GOOD for you..that provide antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, electrolytes. Unfortunately a caffeine, sugar, chemical drink doesn't do it. Be picky about what you put into your body. So, don't look back DONE AND DONE!

Tomorrow, I'll post a power drink that you can make at home. You're going to love it!

I Wanna Go

New album out today! Song of the day!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Prize is Yours to Win

First off, we just wrapped a two week intensive camp on Friday and I want to say that the ladies in class are just amazing! I have the most focused and committed ladies in my class. It's not easy going through intense workouts at 5:30 AM and some of us are even up at 4AM to get ready and make the drive over to the studio. But, we do it. We walk in a little sleepy, but after a song or two, the music gets loud and we feel a little fire in our shoes and get it done. The energy in the room is intense...but that's what happens when you get people in a room that have a goal and ready to get some serious results.

I love to see people give it everything they've got, dance through it, burn through it, balance through it and really invest in the moves that work. It totally makes my day when I hear that someone is getting closer to their goals... losing weight, losing inches, tightening their skin, changing their abs, thinking about the exercise they are doing and what effect it has on their body. And when I teach camp, I get to hear it every week. I have ladies in my class that look completely different now then when they first walked in...and I am beyond thrilled for them.

With me it's about efficiency, doing the moves that work and eating the right way. There has to be balance. Gone are the days of skinny fat and starving yourself. It's not attractive and it's far from healthy. The dancer sculpt workout is about creating a feminine fit body that is tight and sexy. The moves are designed to give you maximum fat loss and tight skin. And if you are consistent with your workouts and have a goal in mind, you WILL get there.

Camp starts back up next week. We are off this week, but please keep up with your workouts and healthy eating. I will be emailing my students the play list from camp by tomorrow, so you can do your workout at home or change it up and do something else for the week. But stay active. I know we all need another 5 hours added on to our day, but we have to work with what we've got. Plan out your day the night before (this is KEY), so you have a road map of how the day is going to flow and you get the important things done...workout included. Fabulous is a full time job!

GREAT job in camp ladies!!! Get ready to rock it out next week!

Gimme Sympathy

Song of the day

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My shout out to Bethenny Frankel!

I recently downloaded Bethenny Frankel's audiobook "Naturally Thin" and there was one suggestion she made that I absolutely love. She talks about downsizing.

"When it comes to plates, size matters." Ok...brilliant. I don't know about you, but our dinner plates are huge. You can put 2 servings on a plate and it still looks kind of empty. So you add more food to the plate to fill it up a bit and end up eating more than you wanted to begin with. So... the solution here is eat off of smaller plates. We are a country that super sizes our portions, so many of us don't even know what a single portion really even looks like. Or when we do measure out a single portion it just looks so much smaller than what we are used to.

So here it is...make a change. You don't have to go out and buy all new plates. Just buy a few smaller ones and test this out. Your plates can be used as a guide as you retrain yourself to downsize your portions.

Here is the challenge for this weekend. Try eating your dinner from a salad plate. Your cereal from a rice bowl. And my absolute favorite was Bethenny's suggestion to invest in 1/2 cup ramakins. Use these to portion out your treats or chips or a scoop of ice cream. Excited to try it? I was! Little things can make a big difference. And as you become comfortable with these portions at home, you'll be able recognize a portion when you are at a restaurant or party. Did you know some restaurant portions serve FOUR people? The servings are out of control and we feel guilty if we only eat 1/4 of it. Well no need to feel guilty, recognize a portion or eat a little bit more if you happen to be hungrier that day and take the rest home. No need to lick the plate clean. You can start tomorrow. Be done and done with oversized portions and make sure to enjoy your meal without the guilt. Baby steps to a healthier you!

Britney did it AGAIN

I have to admit, I love me some Britney! Album comes out next week, and I am looking forward to it. Britney you did it again girl, topped the charts!
Song of the day

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Do something's WEDNESDAY!

Wednesdays are crazy days for me, so why not make them a little crazier. Let's make Wednesday our day to try something new, drop a bad habit or do something crazy!

We have 2 more days of intensive camp and the ladies are totally rocking it out! I am super excited to say that most if not all of my students this week have taken on the challenge of eliminating sweeteners and all that fat free/sugar free wannnabe food...awesome! Even if you are not in camp this week, I encourage you to try and do the same.

Now how about trying something new? Try KOMBUCHA.

It's been used around the world for centuries to help promote health and wellness. Check out some of the amazing properties of Kombucha. Makes you want to drink want right now, doesn't it?

increases energy levels
decreases appetite
improves digestion
promotes healthier skin and hair
stronger immune system

Get a little crazy and try it :) I would love to hear what you think of it.

Check back tomorrow as I give Bethenny Frankel a shout out for her really great advice and of course share it with you as well. Also stay tuned as I will be announcing the dates for Master Class, Summer Shape-Up Intensive Camp, summer camps and more classes.

Enjoy the rest of your crazy Wednesday!

Just added to my quote page:
"You don’t set out to build a wall. You don’t say I’m going to build the biggest, baddest, greatest wall that’s every been built. You don’t start there. You say I’m going to lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid. …. You do that every single day, and soon you have a wall."

Song of the day

Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Early Morning Secret

Dancer Sculpt camp workouts burn alot of fat....ALOT...up to 30% more than a routine you may be doing. Really? Yes, really. And here's just one reason why.

Our 75 min class starts at 5:30 AM. Working out in the morning versus later in the day burns more fat. In the morning your levels of stored carbohydrate and blood sugar levels are really low...because you have not eaten for approximately 8 hours. This is the most efficient state for your body to burn more fat and less carbohydrate. And if you workout on an empty burn even more fat. Is this really true??? It is and it's really simple.

You burn more fat because the glycogen (carbohydrate) isn't available in the morning after not eating for so many hours. So if the primary source of energy isn't there...then the body uses the secondary source...body fat.

Early morning workouts with moves designed to give great muscle tone and a feminine physique. That's our early morning secret.

Isn't this a good reason to be a morning person ;)

Song of the day

Fun song...great for plies!

Want to be in a music video?

So maybe you have heard me play Shannon Micol's "Haunted" in class? I am a huge fan of hers! Want to be in her new video, check out her website for all the details!

Come enjoy the music and be part of the video!

Shannon Micol - No More Cinderella

EXTRAS WANTED FOR MUSIC VIDEO! RSVP to be an EXTRA for Shannon Micol's music video and be entered to win one of several door prizes at the video shoot on April 7, 2011 at 9pm, Great Hall 1087 Queen Street West, Toronto

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Be Done and DONE!

So what's the first thing I tell my students? Drop the artificial sweeteners and the fat free DONE AND DONE with it!
Somewhere along the line we decided that drinking diet coke like it was water was ok because it was calorie free. And there was no way we should drink anything with calories like fresh juice or even a regular coke. Hundred calorie packs, fat free food, sugar free food replaced REAL food. What's in this stuff??? Really what are you eating when you eat this stuff? Is it doing anything for your body? Are you eating it because it will help you reach your goals and get more fit?

OK it's actually just the opposite. Eating this stuff is most likely making you hold on to weight. I know it's a hard habit to break...but try it for one week or even one day. Drop the sweeteners (yes splenda too) and the fat free junk. See how you feel and how your blood sugar becomes more stable and how you are actually LESS hungry. Not to mention your abs, less bloated and will notice it within the first few days. Promise! I won't even go into the labeling and studies about the sweeteners causing cancer in rats. Google it if you want more details.

So what can you drink instead? Here are a few things to try:

Water ;) Add some lemon or orange slices if you don't like it plain
Green Tea (unsweetened of course)
Kombucha - this stuff is amazing in every way
Diluted juice or you can mix it with seltzer
Hint Water (Infused water/no calories)
Craving soda? Drink regular soda..drink 1 just not everyday
Fresh juice - Carrot,beet,ginger is my favorite! Not to mention all the antioxidants you get in one glass.

So as we start another session of camp tomorrow, this is the first thing I tell the ladies that they should change in their diet...and not look back. Be DONE AND DONE!!! I don't think any of my students regret giving up sweeteners and they have all seen changes....for the better. So try it for one day, two days, one week....can't wait to hear about your progress!

Song of the day

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Song of the day

Hello Ladies!

I thought this would be a great way to connect with you, share playlists and fun choreography! And most importantly to keep you motivated! Dancer Sculpt "Dancer Abs" Intensive Camp starts this Monday at 5:30 AM. I hope to see you there and I promise you will not be disappointed!

Bring a friend new to Dancer Sculpt and you both get 50% off....and you get to workout with your friend :)

I will be lauching very soon and also have lots of fun stuff coming your way to keep you fit!

See you Monday bright and early!