Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Early Morning Secret

Dancer Sculpt camp workouts burn alot of fat....ALOT...up to 30% more than a routine you may be doing. Really? Yes, really. And here's just one reason why.

Our 75 min class starts at 5:30 AM. Working out in the morning versus later in the day burns more fat. In the morning your levels of stored carbohydrate and blood sugar levels are really low...because you have not eaten for approximately 8 hours. This is the most efficient state for your body to burn more fat and less carbohydrate. And if you workout on an empty burn even more fat. Is this really true??? It is and it's really simple.

You burn more fat because the glycogen (carbohydrate) isn't available in the morning after not eating for so many hours. So if the primary source of energy isn't there...then the body uses the secondary source...body fat.

Early morning workouts with moves designed to give great muscle tone and a feminine physique. That's our early morning secret.

Isn't this a good reason to be a morning person ;)

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