Sunday, March 20, 2011

Be Done and DONE!

So what's the first thing I tell my students? Drop the artificial sweeteners and the fat free DONE AND DONE with it!
Somewhere along the line we decided that drinking diet coke like it was water was ok because it was calorie free. And there was no way we should drink anything with calories like fresh juice or even a regular coke. Hundred calorie packs, fat free food, sugar free food replaced REAL food. What's in this stuff??? Really what are you eating when you eat this stuff? Is it doing anything for your body? Are you eating it because it will help you reach your goals and get more fit?

OK it's actually just the opposite. Eating this stuff is most likely making you hold on to weight. I know it's a hard habit to break...but try it for one week or even one day. Drop the sweeteners (yes splenda too) and the fat free junk. See how you feel and how your blood sugar becomes more stable and how you are actually LESS hungry. Not to mention your abs, less bloated and will notice it within the first few days. Promise! I won't even go into the labeling and studies about the sweeteners causing cancer in rats. Google it if you want more details.

So what can you drink instead? Here are a few things to try:

Water ;) Add some lemon or orange slices if you don't like it plain
Green Tea (unsweetened of course)
Kombucha - this stuff is amazing in every way
Diluted juice or you can mix it with seltzer
Hint Water (Infused water/no calories)
Craving soda? Drink regular soda..drink 1 just not everyday
Fresh juice - Carrot,beet,ginger is my favorite! Not to mention all the antioxidants you get in one glass.

So as we start another session of camp tomorrow, this is the first thing I tell the ladies that they should change in their diet...and not look back. Be DONE AND DONE!!! I don't think any of my students regret giving up sweeteners and they have all seen changes....for the better. So try it for one day, two days, one week....can't wait to hear about your progress!


  1. Thanks for the reminder Paulina. :) So I use Stevia at home now and am trying to ask for real sugar when I get my coffee while out. But I need about 3 sugars in a 24 oz coffee now (which is down from 5 splenda). Is that too much sugar in one day or am I ok if I dont drink anything else besides water. xoxo

  2. That stuff is terrible for you!! I love water with grapefruit squeezed in :)

  3. Jill I emailed you. Gina, grapefruit in water sounds really good! I'll have to try that too :)