Thursday, March 31, 2011

NOW is a good time to PULL THE TRIGGER

So when I talk about a trigger...I am talking about YOUR trigger. What is the one thing that if you eliminated would really help you achieve your goal? Let's be very honest here. Sit down for a moment and think about it. It could be a certain food that you buy. You have it in your fridge and you know as soon as you eat it, it's all downhill from there. It sets you off. Now I am not saying you have to stay on track all the time...THAT is pretty much impossible. I am referring to the things that really set you off, that you feel you can't control very well. It doesn't necessarily have to be food, it could be certain situations or people that bring out the not so great in you. It's important to be honest with yourself and make the decision to PULL THE TRIGGER.

I'll give you an example. For me, my trigger (well one of them) happens to be ice cream. If I buy a pint and put it in my freezer, I eat in one matter if it's lowfat, full fat or whatever. It is very hard for me to stop eating it. I used to buy it ALL the time even when I realized it was my trigger. I would tell myself that I would just have a little bit for a treat a few nights a week. Ok, heck to the no! This never happened for me, I ate it EVERY time. And then I would just look for something else to eat. So I stopped buying pints. I still eat individual servings and ice cream when I'm out but I don't keep it in the house because I feel like the ice cream pint seems to always win...haha!

So that's just a very basic example. It could be eating in the car, snacking in front of the tv, greasy food and like I said it could also be a situation or even a person that you spend time with. The truth is we KNOW what are triggers are, the hard part is making the decision to PULL them, get rid of know be done and done. I had to throw that in ;)

So as we get ready to start another intensive camp on Monday, I would like for you ladies to think about YOUR trigger and try to eliminate it for the next 2 weeks. The best time to start is right now.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Do something's WEDNESDAY!

I promised to share a drink that you would love. If you don't love it right away, maybe you will love it after you read what this powerhouse drink does for your body.

Carrot, Apple, Beet, Kale and Ginger Juice

*Aids in digestion

*Regulates blood sugar


*Builds red blood cells

*Powerful antioxidant

*Promotes healthy skin

*Improves eyesight

*Lowers blood cholesterol

*Reduces risk of cancer and heart disease

*Kale’s calcium is easily absorbed by the body and is a power food for bone loss

Packed with: Beta carotene, Vitamin B complex , Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, sulphur, copper, phosphorus, chlorophyll.

Is this an AMAZING drink or what! It is total powerhouse drink. Many of us don't eat this amount of veggies in one day. Does anyone eat 8 carrots in one day? How about 1 beet? I can't say enough good things about juicing. Look at all the things you get from one drink. So get a little crazy on a Wednesday...throw some veggies in the juicer or swing by a Whole Foods or your local juice bar and try some fresh juice. And if you have kiddos, start these healthy habits when they are young. We get some fun straws and make sure to drink our juice every day :)


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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I might get a few dirty looks for this one but DONE AND DONE

Energy Drinks.....where do I begin? Hmmm.........................................................Let me say DONE AND DONE with them. I'm not even going to mention any names here. But you know the drinks that I am talking about...they promise more energy and are full of caffeine, chemicals, sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Basically, there are short and long term consequences of these drinks that aren't fully understood and the ingredients are not regulated. What what what!!!Would you give them to your kids? No? Do you really understand what's in them and all the ingredients? Not really? Do you NEED to drink them because they give you energy? You just can't stay awake or function without them?

Here's my suggestion. Try to get enough sleep, eat balanced meals, HYDRATE, and workout. If you can't stay awake without caffeine, sugar and chemicals, then you need to take a look at the four things I mentioned and see what's out of balance. We all functioned without them before, right?

There are plenty of things you can drink that are GOOD for you..that provide antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, electrolytes. Unfortunately a caffeine, sugar, chemical drink doesn't do it. Be picky about what you put into your body. So, don't look back DONE AND DONE!

Tomorrow, I'll post a power drink that you can make at home. You're going to love it!

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Prize is Yours to Win

First off, we just wrapped a two week intensive camp on Friday and I want to say that the ladies in class are just amazing! I have the most focused and committed ladies in my class. It's not easy going through intense workouts at 5:30 AM and some of us are even up at 4AM to get ready and make the drive over to the studio. But, we do it. We walk in a little sleepy, but after a song or two, the music gets loud and we feel a little fire in our shoes and get it done. The energy in the room is intense...but that's what happens when you get people in a room that have a goal and ready to get some serious results.

I love to see people give it everything they've got, dance through it, burn through it, balance through it and really invest in the moves that work. It totally makes my day when I hear that someone is getting closer to their goals... losing weight, losing inches, tightening their skin, changing their abs, thinking about the exercise they are doing and what effect it has on their body. And when I teach camp, I get to hear it every week. I have ladies in my class that look completely different now then when they first walked in...and I am beyond thrilled for them.

With me it's about efficiency, doing the moves that work and eating the right way. There has to be balance. Gone are the days of skinny fat and starving yourself. It's not attractive and it's far from healthy. The dancer sculpt workout is about creating a feminine fit body that is tight and sexy. The moves are designed to give you maximum fat loss and tight skin. And if you are consistent with your workouts and have a goal in mind, you WILL get there.

Camp starts back up next week. We are off this week, but please keep up with your workouts and healthy eating. I will be emailing my students the play list from camp by tomorrow, so you can do your workout at home or change it up and do something else for the week. But stay active. I know we all need another 5 hours added on to our day, but we have to work with what we've got. Plan out your day the night before (this is KEY), so you have a road map of how the day is going to flow and you get the important things done...workout included. Fabulous is a full time job!

GREAT job in camp ladies!!! Get ready to rock it out next week!

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