Friday, February 17, 2012

Look how far we've come!

If you have been to ANY of my classes, then you already know the amazing Jenny B. She's the one to my left with the incredible energy who also happens to know my choreography better than I do :) Well she recently sent me some of her updated progress pics and I wanted to share with them you because she truly has been an inspiration to so many people. * Current Weight loss -80 pounds
* Before
Jenny B has currently lost 80 pounds and has really changed her body composition. She’s great about keeping track of her progress and working towards her personal goals. Consistency is KEY. While it may not seem sometimes like you’re making much progress or perhaps you feel what you’re doing isn’t even worth it….. give it enough time and you will see how these small changes result in huge changes overtime. Congrats on your progress Jenny B! Your pics are truly inspirational and I am so happy for you and the changes you’ve made! And just in case, you haven’t yet met Jenny B, she will be teaching the Dancer Sculpt camps starting in March …so get ready for an amazing workout. Stay tuned for an updated class schedule. I will be on maternity leave until June and enjoying spending time with our new baby :) Looking forward to rocking it out with you all this June!

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